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3D origami cockatoo parrot tutorial (instruction)

Image of a parrot cockatoo

In this video we will learn how to make parrot cockatoo from a paper in the art 3D origami. Get realistic bird. It will replenish your collection 3D origami works.

This is the author's work Oksana Vershigora

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3D origami dolphin tutorial (instruction)

We show how to make volumetric dolphin of paper in the art 3D origami. Interesting odd job their hands figurines sea inhabitant (dolphin). It will delight your heart and complement the collection of works on 3D origami category Animals. Video tutorial on assembling such a dolphin show in detail and step through.

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3D origami cobra snake serpent tutorial (instruction)

We show how to make volumetric cobra (snake) of paper in the art 3D origami.

Cobra will almost like a real one, and you will be satisfied by making a crafts - reptile - with their hands.

Such cobra can be a great symbol of New Year of the Snake at the meeting on the Eastern calendar (in Chinese Zodiac: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037 etc).

Also can do the snake as a gift for your loved ones who are born in the Year of the Snake.

We need to assemble cobra (snake) 1788 pieces (triangles). This means that such paper crafts can make a true master of 3D origami, because you need more than 1000 pieces!

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3D origami blue-and-yellow macaw parrot tutorial (instruction)

We show how to make bird blue-and-yellow macaw (parrot) 3D origami. This macaw made from paper in the art 3D origami. He's so realistic that it seems about to fly. Can also make red and blue macaw in our other video tutorial on assembly macaw parrot here

Figure parrot will be a great addition to your collection of works by a modular origami "The Birds".

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3D origami big swan assembly diagram (tutorial, instructions)

Showing how to make big swan out of paper 3D origami. To assembly such a swan will need plenty of triangular pieces (triangles). But it will be a truly magnificent interior decoration. And will complement your collection of 3D origami animals in categories birds swans.

We need for assembling big swan is 1570 pieces (triangles). It means that the swan figure consists of more than 1500 pieces!

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3D origami bear (Bruin, teddy-bear, grizzly bear) assembly diagram (Tutorial)

It shows the how to make Bear (Winnie the Pooh) 3D origami. If you love animals or make collection of your works "3D origami animals" or just want to make a gift to your loved ones, then make this lovely crafts own hands. Collect this figure easy!

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3D origami bird dove (pigeon) master class

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami bird dove (pigeon). Make this paper birds of the world itself in the collection or for a present. It is very beautiful and interesting. Dove 3D origami will be an excellent interior decoration!

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3D origami Easter egg with text master class

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami Easter egg with text XB. This abbreviation stands for Cyrillic Christ is Risen! You can come up with by analogy egg with your letters (initials).

This colorful odd job their own hands can be very useful for Great Easter holiday. You can use different combinations of pieces in color, and so you will make a whole collection of colorful Easter eggs 3D origami. Or look for other variants assembling such eggs in our playlist

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3D origami car tutorial (instruction)

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami car (automobile) of the triangular pieces. This machine is a great gift for a boy or a boyfriend made with his own hands. Total number of pieces needed to make this car is 873 pieces. And we will need colorless clerical GLUE![Read more...]

3D origami macaw parrot tutorial (instruction)

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami macaw parrot. Interesting and amusing figure this colorful bird. You can place this 3D macaw parrot on its perch somewhere in the room or another room. Also our video with text (subtitles) is a great hobby (occupation) for the deaf or hard of hearing.

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